Art, Technology and Feminist Practices in the Postdigital and Posthuman Perspective. A fissure to representation

Category: Theories

Symposium on Image/Policy/Public Space, Department of History, Archaeology, and Social Anthropology, University of Thessaly. Museum of the City of Volos, Amphitheater Saratsi


The paper explores indicative examples of art attempting to smash, violently interrupt, the infrastructure coordinating representations or ‘closed’ conceptualisations of gender, public space, the physical, the virtual, the representation, the reality, the viewer, the participant, and the producer. The artistic, aesthetic ‘techniques’ explored in this paper are about experimenting, engagement, and the technique of ‘unfocussing’, which seeks to bring to the surface that which appears outside the field of vision, so as to sharpen emotions, senses, and the understanding of the complexity and the actors of our globalised economy, of our technological, posthuman, Anthropocene condition.