Workshop/Seminar #1: Franck Lee Alli-Tis aka Vasilleia Stylianidou

Category: Pedagogies

1 March 2019 at 15.00

 Department of Architecture, 1st Floor, Patari Metaptychiakou


On Thursday 28 of February and Friday 1st of March 2019 the Centre of New Media & Feminist Public Practice introduces a cycle of seminars and workshops under the theme of ‘Feminist Practices in the Public Space at the age of Globalised Technologies’. 

The first seminar focuses on gendered approaches to the public space in the age of globalised technologies. Recently, there have been significant claims and shifts in the gender theory as well as in the interpretations and methodologies around gender issues.  

In her workshop the artist Vassiliea Stylianidou, emanating from two recent events of extreme public violence, homophobia and misogyny, will raise questions about the relationship between public space, violence and the gendered body, as well as the possible ways through which artistic practices attempt to manage the public narratives produced around these issues. Zak Kostopoulos’ / Zackie Oh!’s inhuman lynching and murdering in a public view in the center of Athens not only happened in time proximity to the rape and killing of Eleni Topaloudi in Rhodes, but it is also the symptom that indicates the vulnerability of specific, targeted bodies. The female* body as well as the body of queer and trans* subjects, is perceived as a vulnerable body in the public space, as a body without protective tissue. 

The workshop participants, under the appropriate guidance (individually and in groups) by the Centre’s research team and in collaboration with the workshop coordinator, will have the opportunity to create their own projects to be presented in relevant exhibitions, festivals and cultural events, along with works by artists who work in this field. The participants will also receive a certificate of attendance, upon completion.