READING GROUP: Feminist Practices in Public Space in the Age of Globalized Technology II

Thursday 12 March 2020, Time: 15.00-18.30

Department of Architecture, 1st Floor, Patari Metaptichiakou

Chimaera, Local Tropics, The Place of Scraps: Polyphonic readings for the species, gender, race and sexuality.

The seminar embarks on the key question by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, "Can the subaltern speak?" (1988) to focus on the practices of ethnography, poetry, and performativity, further raising issues of postcolonial, feminist and queer theories. The participants in the seminar read live selected texts from the books Chimera (Χίμαιρα) and Local Tropics (Τοπικοί Τροπικοί) by Phoebe Giannisi and Marios Hadjiprokopiou, respectively. These readings, and their lives, performative versions, are then put in a dialogue with the work of the indigenous, Canadian, poet Jordan Abel, 'The Place of Scraps'. The connecting thread: the shifting of dominant ethnographic discourse on gender, race, and sexuality and how these (re)inscribe in the field of literature - written and/or vocalized. 

The arguments of the three poet(es)s' are inscribed in a genealogy of relations between ethnography and art with a particular emphasis on language (from the work of Michel Leiris to that of Michael Taussig) and discussed in conversation with the critical essays on ethics and politics of performativity and ethnography by David Conquergood.

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