The research focuses on the development of new methodological, research and curatorial tools, on the expansion of feminist knowledge and practice, focused on the contemporary social and political field, and on the creation of new synergies and connections. The research aims to extend feminist scholarship and practice in the social field by creating an innovative center to support the political potency of feminist practices that interweave art, media, architecture and urban studies, social anthropology, activism and different systems of knowledge in relation to public space and public claims. At this moment of rapid transformations of public space, representation and claims in public space, manifest the critical economic and sociopolitical situation that affects our investment on contemporary democracy, the human condition, post-human prospects and post-digital challenges. More particularly this critical situation are connected with the effects this has particularly to women*. This focus aims to reverse this situation in order to discover possible alternative prospects and development of successful, empowered, self-determined entrepreneurship and practice. Throughout the research, new tools and new modes of conceptualization and practice are proposed that will contribute to understand the deep effects that global changes and crisis have on women* and to take advantage of the possibilities and potentialities for feminist media production, circulation, spectatorship and ethics within the current condition. The project will also offer possibilities for connections, comparisons or adjacencies and coalitions between feminist media objectives and methods in disparate locations around the globe, starting from our own (peripheral) locality.

Πρόγραμμα Φιλοξενίας με την φιλόσοφο Lude deLire

Στο πλαίσιο του προγράμματος φιλοξενίας του Κέντρου για το έτος 2020-2021 προσκαλούμε την φιλόσοφο Luce deLire.

Mutations in Feminist Aesthetic Practices. Three case studies form the Centre of New Media and Public Feminist Practices», 2020,  The University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria

Δημοσίευση στo Φεμινιστικά

Κέντρο Νέων Μέσων και Φεμινιστικών Πρακτικών στον Δημόσιο Χώρο: Αισθητικές τεχνικές διευρυμένου πεδίου

Φεμινιστικές Θεωρίες και Αισθητικές Πρακτικές Εποχή της Παγκοσμιοποιημένης Τεχνολογίας