We would like to invite you to the launch event of the Centre of New Media and Feminist Public Practices on Wednesday the 31st of October, at 12. The event takes place at the TAM exhibition space, in the Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly.

The aim of the Centre is the production, reproduction, circulation, support, and development of feminist practices and feminist theory. The Centre will provide technological facilities for the creation and promotion of new practices and methodologies as well as ethics around issues of gender and public space. In addition, the research activities of the team will help establish a vigorous theoretical discourse around these issues. 


Furthermore, the Centre will be an open and active archive of activities, initiatives, practices and audiovisual material which we hope will be useful for those who work on similar research areas and for future research endeavors. An active archive is a powerful tool of connection and dialogue where the participants will be archived in the ways that they would prefer to be recorded. The aim of this relational archive is to avoid, as much as possible, determining the activities, initiatives, and practices on our own terms, and to reinforce instead a public dialogue through positions and juxtapositions regarding the different practices and approaches to gender and public space in a local and global scale. The Centre focuses its attention on the local cultural production supporting that the study and tracking of the particular elements that characterize a locality is a useful process in order to highlight the presence of specific practices and to create expanded and durable correlations and junctures.


As part of its work, the Centre of New Media and Feminist Public Practices will organize a series of seminars, workshops, and presentations. These public events will provide the technical and theoretical support in order to produce new artistic works or research projects which will focus on, among others: new media, public space, manual or intellectual labor. This will also be an opportunity to test new methodologies and dimensions of the discourse, which we will present in relevant papers and a publication at the end of the program. 

In this Open Day launch event, we will present the aims of the Centre and the lab, and along with invited guests, we will exchange experiences, ideas, thoughts, suggestions, objections, and expectations for the Centre's work.